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enableGPT (v1.0)
is an iOS shortcut that allows you to use chatGPT with (or without) Siri.

FREE download: enableGPT
"As an AI LLM..."   if that's not proof of getting a response from the chatGPT API then I don't know what is! 🤣


  • short term memory
       rolling window buffer to reduce tokens

  • long term memory
       fuzzy recall of previous discussions

  • 2 chatGPT worker agents
       one indexes memories by keyword,
       the other evaluates historical context

  • conversation logger
       save conversation logs to notes app

  • configurable prompts
       give chatGPT your own instructions

  • error handling
       API response errors handled gracefully

  • Usage

    Use with Siri to converse verbally. Say "Hey Siri" to activate Siri and then say "enable GPT" to begin.

    You will hear a message stating that "GPT mode is enabled". If this is your first time using the shortcut you can begin speaking to enableGPT right away. If you've used it previously enableGPT will welcome you back and give you a quick recap on what you talked about last time.

    Use the shortcut without Siri if you prefer to type and read with enableGPT silently.

    To do that, just click on the shortcut instead of activating it with Siri. For convenience you can also long-press the shortcut in the Shortcuts app and add it to your home screen.

    After enableGPT responds, feel free to continue the conversation; it is listening.

    There is no prompt or anything, just wait for it to finish and then speak to it naturally like you would with a normal person.

    When you are done, say "stop" to end the conversation.

    You will hear a message stating that "GPT mode has ended". If you want to continue the conversation later, just say "Hey Siri, enable GPT" again and it will pick up where you left off.

    All the log files can be found in the "enableGPT" folder in your Notes app

    This includes the "prompt" file. Feel free to edit it and make chatGPT follow whatever instructions you like (ie: play a choose-your-own-adventure game with you, talk like a pirate,etc).

    You can also delete the "prompt" file to reset the prompt back to the default (default prompt note will be automatically regenerated next time you run the shortcut).


    Installation is pretty straightforward. On your iOS device, just have your chatGPT API key ready, and make sure you have a folder called "enableGPT" in your Notes app. Then, download the shortcut and follow the prompts.

  • open iOS Notes App
       create a new folder called "enableGPT"

  • Get your openAI chatGPT API key
       LINK: openAI API keys

  • Download the shortcut to your iOS device
       make sure already you have the
       iOS Shortcuts app installed

  • you will get 2 prompts from the shortcut
       one requires you to paste your API key
       the other requires you to select the
       "enableGPT" folder in Notes

  • Permissions

    When you first run this shortuct you will get asked a bunch of times if you want to allow the shortcut to do certain things. Always be careful when running new or untrusted shortcuts.

    Assuming you trust the enableGPT shortcut, select the "always allow" option for all of them in order to stop these messages from bothering you again in the future.

    iOS Settings Setup

    These settings should make things a little smoother and easier but are not required. If nothing else, these should just provide some nice quality-of-life improvements to the experience.

  • settings > shortcuts > advanced
       enable the following (green slider):

        allow running scripts
        allow sharing large amounts of data
        allow deleting without confirmation

  • settings > siri & search > siri voice
       select a voice you like
       (I prefer "American Voice 2")

  • settings > siri & search > siri response
       set to "prefer spoken responses"

  • settings > accessibility > siri
       set "siri pause time" to "longest"

  • enableGPT
    is an iOS shortcut that allows you to use chatGPT with (or without) Siri.

    FREE download: enableGPT

    > thanks

     Robyn Dubuc

    For helping me to test installing this on somebody else's device. I've never made a shortcut before so I needed somebody else try to install it a couple times to let me know what wasn't working.

     Scott Shambaugh

    For creating the 'Ask GPT' shortcut which inspired me to make this one. Honestly, I started by modifying his shortcut and then a week later it had just kind of snowballed into this.

     Mckay Wrigley

    I have no idea who you are, but Scott Shambaugh credited you as his inspiration for the Ask GPT shortcut, so yeah, here we go. Team effort.

     Andrea Zariwny

    For putting up with me making this shortcut on my phone all night every night for the last week instead of going to sleep. And then always having to listen to me talk nonsense to my phone the next day. I love you!

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